e-working John Lennon.

John-Lennon-Darfur-v2Steve Bridger and Ed Mitchell are to begin working on a major campaign about Darfur with Amnesty, Yoko Ono and the music of John Lennon.

The two are planning to extend the benefit of the immediate publicity hit of the Instant Karma album. Effectively whilst artists will re-work John Lennon’s music, Steve and Ed will e-work the buzz. As Ed describes it:

We are going to help them reach out across the big name social networks which are closest to the artists’ fan bases (and youtube and flickr of course). Our plan is to do it in a co-ordinated way, by finding people within those networks who relate to the cause, and are willing to represent Amnesty responsibly (we’ll call them ambassadors for now).

Having found them, we are going to ask them to assist with the Make Some Noise presence in their social networks – the theory being that in order to make this a sustainable community development exercise (and not just another viral-styled marketing campaign thundering through the social networks), people who are already in those networks are best placed to do this themselves – they know the who and the how, we can help with the what and the when. Also, once this wave of excitement is over, Amnesty still have a clear idea of who is who in which network, and those ambassadors become increasingly closer to the organisation.

Congrats both, keep us informed and thanks to David Wilcox – who knew about this before Ed blogged it, but ignored his old media instinct to publish, instead applying his socially networked new media instincts and waited.

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