B19 Award for Soweto Kinch?

One of our most popular podcasts has been the short programme we made with Birmingham based jazz musician Soweto Kinch. In it he talked about community, the Aston/Lozells area and why he still lives in B19 rather than New York, London or Amsterdam – as might tempt any other international Jazz Star.

Soweto has also just become one of the first Associate Artists of Birmingham Town Hall (just restored) and whilst I think about it this year also saw him make this very strong film about Birmingham and slavery for the BBC programme Inside Out.

On to my point. Soweto has been nominated twice for this years prestigious BBC 3 Jazz awards. If you fancy supporting local talent here are the links. Please act quickly, voting ends on Sunday.

Vote for Soweto Kinch for the Radio 3 Jazz on 3 Award for Innovation or Achievement in New Music

Vote for Soweto Kinch for Album Of The Year

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  1. Peter Bacon says:

    Absolutely to all the above. Soweto is a real treasure and his dedication to staying and working in Birmingham is not easy to maintain for a jazz musician who could get far more work in London. There’s also the danger that we undervalue what is closer at hand – make no mistake, Soweto Kinch is the real deal and an artist of internationa stature. The second part of his A Life in the Day of B19 story will be out in the autumn. If you don’t have the first part, ask for it now in your local record shop. For those near Kings Heath, may I recommend Polar Bear.
    A great little shop worth supporting.

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