podnosh 1.0 – webcameron 2.0

Time to apologise to David Cameron for querying his intentions in yesterday’s post about the use of brummie created icons on webcameron.org.uk.
The talent behind the visuals, Mark James of www.famfamfam.com has just e-mailed me to say:

Just to let you know that the webcameron designers have contacted me and I’m now happy with their usage. They had sent me a small donation towards my hosting (which I hadn’t spotted, they got lost amidst the emails), but they’re getting the credit sorted.

They made their donation late Saturday, but that didn’t excuse them from the terms of the licence. If you wish to mention that it has been sorted, that would be cool, but I don’t think a full apology is required.

Well that’s that put right, although as Mark suggests, good manners should always be timely.