Deep tagging – or making media a searchable medium

I’ve just read this interesting item on Techcrunch about the growing number of tools which help with what is being called deep tagging. It is a way of making it easier to search for exactly the right piece of audio or video.

The author (in this case us) would run the audio through some deep tagging software and mark relevant bits with keywords. An online search will identify those bits and allow listeners to jump directly to the part which concerns them most.

There is already work being done on making video and audio directly searchable. But in the meantime this is an interesting idea which removes the need to transcribe everything and allows more descriptive tags for video than transciption alone can provide. When I get a moment to give it a go on a podnosh programme I’ll share it here so you can have a look. It may work really well on Chamberlain Lectures – breaking the half hour down into more digestable and searchable chunks.
In the meantime if anyone has already tried this please let me know.