Manchester Dis United Movie Premiere – in your home!

This podnosh blog is not just about communities, neighbourhoods or podcasting. I’m also interested in links between media and the internet, and a friend of mine has just come up with downright cheeky one:

For months now he has been putting together a documentary on Manchester United, the Glazer family, fans and the future of football.

The film will have its world premiere later this month and Adrian has decided to use the power of eBay to find a location for the premiere. He has the champagne, the red carpet and the paparrazzi – what he wants is someone – or some organisation – who would like him to bring the premiere to them. Hence his decision to auction this on ebay. It’s an odd coupling of new media and old, so why not have a look – perhaps pop it into your watch section, or maybe even bid.
By the way if you’re not familiar with Adrian he is an outspoken and irreverant broadcaster who is now turning his attention to independent film making and running a news website called The Stirrrer.