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4th Social Media Surgery for Birmingham charities, community groups and Volantary Orgs

Posted on 22nd March 2009 by

The new venue for the social media surgeries.

Sorry it is such short notice. The next social media surgery for voluntary groups is this Wednesday March 25th 2009, as a drop in from 5.30 to 7pm.  We have a plush new venue, which is a few minutes walk from BVSC. For all the details and how to sign up please visit the link below:

The surgeries are run by a group of volunteers, mostly from the Birmingham bloggers groups. They are willing to show people from the cities charities and voluntary organisation how they can make best use of social media.   If you want to see what people have made of the first three surgeries you might like to watch this video on youtube:

Eloquent Colalife Video

Posted on 19th October 2008 by


Simon Berry’s patient yet relentless campaign to persuade Coca Cola to use its distribution network to trasnsporrt re-hydration salts is explained in this elegant short video.

Here it is, the 30 sec video to support the ColaLife submission to Googgle’s Project 10^100 (10 to the 100th). Please go and look at it on YouTube. It’s a thing of beauty! Please can I also ask you to comment on it on YouTube and rate it (highly?). It’s worth clicking the ‘watch in high quality’ link to appreciate the detail.

After watching, commenting and rating – that should only take 2 minutes – can I ask you to do one more thing? Please send a link to this page to 10 of your friends and ask them to do the same? Very many thanks.

I want to thank the following people who have dedicated a significant part of their lives over the last 3 days to pull this together: Luke Berry (artist); Sam Berry (Animator); Julian Moore (Sound); Simon Cohen and Howard Lake for creative suggestions.

There’s still time to comment on the text of the application if you can.

Onwards and upwards!

There are a lot of talented Berrys. Watch it, comment ,share please.

BAD08 Oxfam Advert

Posted on 16th October 2008 by


Useful blog action day reminder of the orgs that can move mountains to alleviate poverty.