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Green iPod

Number 2 on the netsquared, squidoo, getactive list of the 59 smartest online organisations was Greenpeace. It has gradually been chipping away at Apple with classic guerilla tactics – using their opponents weight to their own advantage. Greenpeace is encouraging supporters to use the creative power of their macs to imagine, produce and share new images and ideas which may compel the company to change it’s policies.

So Greenpeace started a campaign for environmentally friendly macs with a friendly spoof site GreenMyApple and have just added this to youtube.

Steve Jobs for President!

I use Apple computers all the time. It was Apple which popularised podcasting, our listeners get the Grassroots Channel through Apple’s iTunes software and Apple machines and programmes help me with everything from making films to making christmas cards. So Steve Jobs has had quite an impact on my quality of life (thanks Steve).
From time to time I also visit a rather odd site called Longbets.org. It’s a place where people make long term predictions about the world and – to add a little jeopardy to this intellectual game – they bet against each other on the outcomes. It’s not another online gambling site, more an extension of futurology.

So prediction 244 left me a little taken a back:

Steve Jobs will be nominated for President of the United States, by one of the two major political parties in 2012

WOW! Well Steve if you are pondering a presidential punt perhaps this is not the best way to start. The prediction comes from a man who lists among his achievements writing a Brooke Shields tribute song.