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Grassroots Podcast: Initiative Brokers, the Big Society and making community wishes come true

Corian Huhenholtz-Sasse and Rinske van Noortwijk
Corian Huhenholtz-Sasse and Rinske van Noortwijk

Meet Rinske van Noortwijk and Corian Hugenholtz-Sasse  – they make wishes come true.

– (dead link)

I met them both in Rotterdam, invited through the wonderful Maurice Specht to speak to the Association of Initiative Brokers ( @inimakelaar )  in Holland, organised by Rinske.

Two days before, Tessy Britton and I had been in The Hague speaking to senior civil servants from Dutch central government.  Read more

A law of nature is that we fight things to get things – R4R Grassroost Channel Podcast

The Grassroots Channel exposes Birmingham to the scrutiny of outsiders. We talk to residents from two Dutch cities about what they make of our strengths and weaknesses.  Ellen Hiep and Willem Giezeman give us surprising answers, useful to all. Plus details on how Residents 4 Regeneration is telling stories to build a better future.

Residents 4 Regeneration in Europe (dead link)
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