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Stuff I've seen August 23rd through August 25th

These are my links for August 23rd through August 25th:

  • Zopa: Peer to peer lending | Tom Watson MP – Tom Watson outlines his enthusiasm for per to peer banking: “Out of all the digital start-ups I met as a minister, the one that most inspired was Zopa. Why? I think they have the capacity to completely re-write the terms of trade in the banking sector.”
  • Socitm surveys IT managers over ‘blocking’ of social media by councils – Socitm Insight is asking local authority IT managers for their views on the use of social media within local authorities and the degree to which it poses security threats, drains bandwidth, or causes other problems to councils’ IT systems and infrastructure.
  • BBC NEWS: Green energy hit by ‘faceless Nimbys’ – “You have some of the best onshore sites on the planet but they are strong, the faceless Nimbys [not in my back yards],” he told The Report.”