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Things I've spotted February 23rd from 16:39 to 23:38

Here are some of the things I’ve been reading February 23rd from 16:39 to 23:38:

Stuff I've seen September 3rd through to September 4th

These are my links for September 3rd through September 4th:

  • In Development » Draft Open Access and Licensing Framework released – as copyright works are concerned, NZGOAL proposes that agencies apply the most liberal of the New Zealand Creative Commons law licences to those of their copyright works that are appropriate for release, unless there is a restriction which would prevent this. The most liberal Creative Commons licence is the Attribution (BY) licence.
  • Inaccuracies in newspaper coverage of Cabinet Office job advert – Blunt rebuttal: "This morning several newspapers ran a story about the Cabinet Office advertising for a Deputy Director of Digital Engagement who will be paid around £120,000 a year."

    Unfortunately, every single story contained inaccuracies, from basic facts about the vacancy to fundamental details of what the job is all about.

  • How to stop being embarrassed by your website commissioning :: interactivecultures – "let’s call him Harold" Jon Hickman on form and inspired by the Help me Investigate investigation into the city council's website. (missed this when on holiday).
  • Membership has its meaning « BuzzMachine – "the membership bar has moved up. It’s not enough to let people give you money and promote you. Now you have to invite them to have a real and meaningful role in what you do, even a sense – if not a stake – of ownership and, consequently, control."
  • NTI Birmingham : Gamer Camp – Free: "Gamer Camp offers would-be game makers in the West Midlands the chance to learn how to develop and produce games for Apple's phenomenally popular iPhone/iPod Touch, as part of a four-week training course taking place at NTI Birmingham and Birmingham School of Visual Communication." via d:log

Stuff I've seen April 22nd through April 23rd

These are my links for April 22nd through April 23rd:

  • OpenGov: One big challenge? Or a thousand small hurdles : Tim’s Blog – “The big challenges are not about technology – they are about the content and the process of mobilisation and communication. When it comes to technology we’ve not got one big challenge we’ve got 100s of small challenges – and we’ve got no systematic way of dealing with them.”
  • Sutton Green Map – “This is the Sutton Green Map, designed for pedestrians and cyclists with lots of overlay information to help you make the most of the Borough.” Brilliant use of open source mapping and data scraping.
  • Echoes From The Edge | Friction arts – Exhibition starts April 23rd 2009: Echoes From The Edge is a unique living history contemporary art exhibition, housed in a converted factory in Digbeth, Birmingham. Over the past eighteen months, Friction Arts have been collaborating with US artist, Shannon Flattery, to create an interactive exhibition reflecting the voices, thoughts and histories of the residents and workers of Digbeth, Deritend and Highgate as the area undergoes it’s most significant changes for forty years.
  • Stumbling and Mumbling: Waste & decentralization – “cutting waste and empowering public sector workers are not substitutes. They go together.”
  • Home of the Community Broadband Network – “There is an increasingly important role for community broadband projects even after traditional operators have provided vanilla services into an area. Many member projects give something back to their local community, and are constantly innovating and evolving their service to the needs of their community.”