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More things I've spotted on July 22nd

Here are some of the things I’ve read today:

  • Mission Creep | Neil Williams on Twitter Stategy for Government – “You might think a 20-page strategy a bit over the top for a tool like Twitter…” is how Neil starts this piece on his JFDI moment.
  • TH!NK ABOUT IT – european blogging competition – Homepage – TH!NK2 Climate Change is a 3 month blogging competition with a focus on UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen (COP15) in December 2009. 81 bloggers from Europe with featured guests from India, China Brazil and the USA, representing the world’s biggest players in climate policy, will come together on the European Journalism Centre’s thinkaboutit.eu platform, to exchange ideas and debate the issues of climate change.
  • A return to the “old skool” – Social Media challenges in the Public Sector « Carl’s Notepad – Thoughtful piece from Carl Haggerty: “Are we seeing social media facilitating a return to traditional and “old skool” values around community and neighbourhood support. I see the main difference being the “community” and the “neighbourhood” that people relate to is more complex and far reaching (offline and online) than ever before. If this is the case, then the Pubic Sector truly has a huge task ahead, not only support itself to transform the way we engage with people and our own staff, but to acknowledge those communities who are already engaged but also nurture communities (offline and online) to become part of the wider public service delivery model.”
  • Mapping Digital Inclusion Actors « CDI Europe – A really useful map of the different roles different organisations and people play in digital media, digital inclusion, democracy and civic activism from iris at CDI
  • The Stirrer – Social Media Surgeries – “The Birmingham social media group have attracted visitors from across the UK to see how it works. The model is so simple and cost free. Just bring those who have something to teach together with those who want to learn and bang a life changing concept is off.” Audrey Miller, a beneficiary of the social media surgeries sums it up quite nicely, although it’s a touch embarrassing.


Stuff I've seen June 4th through June 8th

These are my links for June 4th through June 8th:

Stuff I've seen April 24th through April 25th

These are my links for April 24th through April 25th:

  • gSO Talk: Where did gStepOne come from? – Data: Facts out of context. eg, it will be 30 deg C today, or the train arrives in 5 minutes. (Data is thus of minimal value.)
    Information: Data organised in a way that has a potential for meaning. eg weather details recorded and organised by date, or a train timetable. (Information has potential value.)
    Knowledge: Data or information that enables the receiver to produce an outcome of value. eg knowing the weather to expect, I can plan a picnic, knowing when a train departs and arrives, I can catch the right one. (Knowledge has high value).

Stuff I've seen April 15th through April 17th

These are my links for April 15th through April 17th:

  • G20 Police Witnesses IDed: ‘D5′ – City of London Police dog handler A712 – ID'ing G20 police officers
  • YouTube – How copyright extension in sound recordings actually works – How copyright extension in sound recordings actually works.
  • Better ways to share information digitally: West Midlands Regional Observatory. – The Observatory’s Population & Society Group is planning a seminar in the summer to investigate and discuss how research organisations in the West Midlands can get better at sharing information digitally. Do you have any thoughts on this?
  • The Social Innovation Camp comes to Scotland. – Over one weekend from 19th-21st June 2009, we’re bringing together some of the best of the UK’s software developers and designers with those at the sharp end of social problems at the Saltire Centre, Glasgow.

    Their mission will be to turn six back-of-the-envelope ideas that could change the world into social start-ups in under 48 hours – complete with working software.

    You’ve got until Friday 22nd May 2009 to send us your idea that uses the web to create social change and you could be joining 100 other participants to try and make it a reality.

  • Local Authority Mapping Collective | Bringing together mapped data across the UK – The Local Authority Mapping Collective aims to get officers from local authorities in the UK collaborating with one another using Google My Maps. It is hoped that this will allow for large sets of mapped data to be made publically available without the need for bespoke software development. This data could then be used on local authority websites, as well as being made downloadable to use in any number of projects.

    We would also like to encourage members of the public to get involved; if your council is not submitting their data to any of our maps, let them know about this project. The more local authorities we can get on board, the larger the data sets we can make available.