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A challenge to the idea of economies of scale in public services…

Locality has published some research which counters the argument that large organisations will deliver public services the most efficiently and cost effectively.  It’s timely when budget holders are looking at cutting the small, perhaps seduced by the arguments of the large.

A new paper, ‘Public Services, Civil Society & Diseconomies of Scale’, outlines this research project arguing that human scale operations deliver high quality services as well as value for money.

Locality’s members, some of the most active and ambitious community organisations, have described inefficiencies in large-scale services across the UK. This ranges from youth to legal aid services, mental health interventions through to employability schemes such as the Work Programme. It is having disastrous consequences for poorer communities and smaller providers.

– See more at: http://locality.org.uk/news/diseconomies-scale/#sthash.GJtoAlqX.64MXMylL.dpuf

13 pages. Have a read.  There’s also and event in Birmingham on March for the launch of their keep it local campaign http://locality.org.uk/events/local-campaign-launch/