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#futureshift notes – Joel Blake on grassroots change.


Joel Blake is a CSR specialist. (well there’s more to him than that.

  • When will being socially responsible and profitable be the norm?
  • There’s a revolution where people are no longer sitting there and taking the crap that came their way.
  • Many corporates have seen CSR as a brand exercise –
  • The corporates that will survive will be the ones that are adaptable.
  • Social Impact is not just about great projects – it is about personal responsibility from people within business.  It should be intrinsic to growth plans for a business.
  • Philanthropy/charity is dead.  No longer ok to just give money away –  instead you need to know what imapct it will have.
  • CSR can be seen as a tool for growth – the thing that allows a business to be sustainable for the future. Unless you business has an impact on the people you serve your business is limited.
  • Measure the social return from csr in terms of the value of the business.
  • The next generation of CEO’s will be someone who’s got clarity of vision. It needs to be tangible.
  • Watch your language –  be careful not to say things that demoralise you. Say positive things for yourself. Ignore other people’s stereotypes.
  • Embrace fear –  it’s means there’s something I need to do. Lack of fear opens up the door for innovation.
  • Embrace change. Be willing to burn bridges – including people or ideas.
  • Nothing replaces hard work.