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Different ways to encourage people to blog and use social media – or why Jane Slowey does her homework.

We have been working with the Foyer Federation, helping them make better use of social media to tell their story and also capture the effect their work has on the ground.  They’re concentrating on building a network to develop and support the approaches they call Open Talent – and Advantaged Thinking  (emphasising the assets and qualities in people and communities).

The works means staff sharing more of what they are learning, experienceing, finding and thinking – but online in public.

Jane Slowey of the foyer federation
Jane Slowey

One of the problems we often have to try and solve is how to give people incentives to do something that can seem un-natural even risky.  Normally we’ll aim to provide reassurance within the management structure and make it fun to do – turn what could be a chore into something that’s an enjoyable port of the work.

Oddly though Jane Slowey – chief exec at the Foyer Federation – is motivated by something else altogether – something deep in her personality … listen to this audioboo to understand more

Jane’s own audioboo’s can be found here: http://audioboo.fm/JaneSlowey