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givv.org is genius for charities and people who donate to charities.

givv.org. allows you to make one monthly donation to a charity
givv.org. allows you to make one monthly donation

The site www.givv.org is simply brilliant. It allows us subtle control what we give and to whom.  When you offer someone control it tends to make them feel better about doing something.

As a charity donor it allows you/me to make one single monthly payment into an account then choose how to apportion that.

If this month I want to support disaster relief I can, next month I split it between that and a home based children’s charity. In fact I can split it as many ways I like – picking up local charities for a while, changing my interests from young people to building sonervation.

I can then decide whether I let those charities know I’m supporting them or not, either joining their netowork or avoiding it.  That means I can also have some control over how many times they send me daft envelopes with silly pens in.

As a charity trustee or administrator I get one lump sum payment a month from givv.org rather than lot of different payments.  Especially for the smaller charities (such as my favourite,  Birmingham Conservation Trust) it may improve the chances to get small yet manageable donations from a much wider group of people.  When someone opts to share information with you the chances are that will also be a more fruitful relations – better rewarding the effort put into nurturing it.

It’s very clever and I hope something similar comes to Britain soon. Of course don’t let the wait put you off making a donation here  😉


Tip top hat tip for Chris Unitt.