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We don’t like to go in the parks – Grassroots Channel Podcast 13

Programme 13 from the Grassroots Channel comes not from Birmingham but from Dortmund in Germany. We’ve been demonstrating podcasting to a group of young people from cities across Europe.

Listen to Simone and Ethel as they try podcasting for the first time and talk to other young people about homelessness, junkies and fear in the streets. This programme is produced with the support of the Birmingham Community Empowerment Network and Residents 4 Regeneration in Europe. Thanks too to Chris and Nathan, both boys from the Four Dwellings High School in Birmingham.

Residents 4 Regeneration in Europe (dead link)
Dortmund Nordstadt Festival – German site (Google Translation) (dead link)
Photo’s of Dortmund Nordstadt (dead link)
Dortmund in Wikipedia