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Links for April 29th, 30th and May 1st

  • Cabinet Office API programme: All Civil Service Jobs – An API for all Civil service jobs. To play with.
  • Anecdote: Vital behaviours for knowledge sharing – “Hmmm, I think people spend more time moving about the floor and having conversations,”
  • Your Right To Know » Article: Beef or chicken? Same gravy, different flavour – You can’t hope for a better result as a campaigner than to have the prime minister announce a major policy change within 48 hours of your documentary. Is this the power of television? Was Brown watching and choking on his dinner?
  • Charlie Beckett: Faster than the speed of mind: is media change out of control? – Some institutions should not fear the digital reaper. Anders Sandberg thinks that the value of the British Museum, for example, lies in its amazing collection of unique objects. They won’t change in a digital age. You could create a virtual British Museum but that would be additional to rather than replace the core essential value of its physical collection.Conventional libraries on the other hand may have to face up to the extinction of their previous book-based business model. The physical library could become irrelevant.
  • Basic Premises For Every Community Manager | Connie Bensen – Here’s a summary of the basic premises every community manager should keep in mind. And companies that are creating communities should also realize their importance.
  • Business Strategy: Ordnance Survey – it has determined that Ordnance Survey should implement a new business strategy to meet the changing needs of customers and the wider market.
  • WordPress in UK Government: an informal audit. Puffbox – “I thought it was about time I compiled a list of all the UK (central) government web projects I know of, which use WordPress.”
  • Headliners | 2009 | Drug Pressures in Alum Rock – Headliners in Brum: “This film was produced by Headliners reporters; Moneeb Khan, 14, Idrees Suleman, 13, Zayyan Ahmed, 12, Mohammed Ehsan, 13, Ahsan Arshad, 11, Wasim Arif, 18, Adnan Hussain, 16 and Mohammed Abass, 17”
  • BCN (Birmingham Canal Navigations) « CanalScene – Like this site and it’s use of Google Maps to trace canals.
  • DFID – UK Department for International Development – What I like about this site is the way it puts the story first – makes space at the top for frsh content. It’s designed to encourage a conversation between dfid and the rest of us.
  • Your content at risk: A credit crisis for the co-created web – If Flickr were to fail, how would that change your online generosity? Of course, Flickr would not be the first to disappear, taking our treasured content with it. But it would be the first co-created giant of the social media age to tank.  Imagine the holes it’s sudden desctruction would leave across millions of websites and blogs… there would be one on this blogpost, for a start.
  • Report: Social Media And Video Site Engagement Reshapes The Web | Nielsen Wire – “The meteoric growth in social media is the single most significant story in the online media space today. The numbers speak for themselves: the continuing growth in audience and engagement are like the bullet train that could.
    On the other hand, the implications of the social media phenomenon for marketers and publishers far outweigh the impressive metrics: the world’s leading marketers are realizingthat at the heart of the social media movement lies a method to transform the manner in which brands communicate with
    their consumers. We may be on the cusp of a disintermediationthat the advertising world hasn’t yet experienced.”
  • Government API Directory – ProgrammableWeb – Says what it is