Author: Nick Booth

Video as evidence in community campaigning.


At first I thought this was a bit too long but then realised it has a specific purpose. As the blurb says: “A short film produced for the Edgbaston Constituency on the subject of Post Office closures in the community. The film was designed to be used as supporting evidence and handed to the Post Watch Commission when deciding whether to close the Edgbaston Post Offices. Viewed during during the consultation process, the film gives real people from the local community a voice which is too often lost in paperwork or statistics…”

I like it. (Hat tip Jon)

Crime Mapping from the British Government based on a West Midlands example

Tom Watson , William Perrin and the Power of Information taskforce shows off some mock ups for crime mapping by neighbourhood and the whole social media story makes it onto the Telegraph’s front page with a couple of subsidiary articles – including one mentioning West Midlands Police mapping site.  Practical and political! Crime mapping has been useful tool in the US for a few years now, some of it inspired by tracking gun crime and is seeing growing use in the UK.

Facebook new design.

I like it. A lot. It puts our content and our relationships first. Can the design push the publicity desires of the app makers into the background without leaving them disillusioned? We’ll see.