#fundbrum – how do you find funding opportunities in Birmingham?

A group of people sitting round a table - photo taken through a green tinged window
Futureshift information flow hack which created #fundbrum – picture Tessy Britton

Last week I ran an hour long mini hack at the Futureshift festival on the flow of information in Birmingham.  A fine group of people sat down together and started by sharing what information they needed but was not available or easily available.

The information problems thrown up from the group fell into three main areas:

  • Democratic and power information – who’s making decisions, how they’re making them, what their interests are, how do we connect with who’s in charge and many others.
  • Very local information – what’s going on where I live?  what businesses are there – how can I know.
  • Funding for arts or community activity – why do I hear about pots of money after they’ve gone?

We were looking – as you do in a hack – for things that we could do.

So what did you come up with?


One simple idea from the funding group was #fundbrum – a simple hashtag to share any funding information which might be useful for people in Birmingham.  I’ve been using it a bit:


and Alexandria Robinson-Sutherland (a Birmingham artist) who helped come up with the idea …


It could of course be #fundstoke or #fundbristol.

That’s not a bad idea, can I help?


Please. Just use it.  If you see some source of income that might help Birmingham community and vol orgs – or artists or inventors –  share a link to it on twitter and use #fundbrum  Maybe write a quick post on facebook or a blog to say that’s what you’re doing.

Let’s see if it helps.