Horsemeat: The Elliot Review comes to Birmingham

A brilliant bunch of brummie brains got together today to share their experience with Chris Elliott – the prof who’s investigating food safety for the government following the horsemeat scandal. We worked with them through the New Optimists – to capture their thinking. See what they said and thought here.¬† The hashtag is #brumelliott where’ you should find loads of fab tweets

  • Birmingham as the city with the safest food?
  • Birmingham as the centre of how we keep all our food safe?

All possible if we work out how to close the gaps which make food crime possible – at least Chris Elliot thinks so

he said it was the most interesting of 200 meetings he’d held (there were about 50 folk there at this one!) and added:

It was also fab to hear from a Birmingham business¬† – Handmade Burger Co – on how they have the pride and passion to make sure they’re not victims of food crime:

And Beckett’s Farm on what the horsemeat scandal meant to them

Thoughts and more videos from the day on this link