Department of Communities and Local Government if looking for a PHD Student for Data Linking and Sharing

I sit on the Local Public Data Panel for the Department for Communities and Local Government.  The dept has an ESRC funded post for the PHD Student – specialising in Data Linking and Sharing.  If you’re interested or know someone who is this is the info I’ve been sent:    ESRC PhD Studentship – DCLG Data Sharing Position .  Other research internships  in government are here.


Dear Prof Sir Nigel and Local Public Data Panel Members,

The Department of Communities and Local Government is seeking a PhD Student intern through the ESRC Student internship programme to investigate local data linking.

We have been asked to bring it to the attention of any academics or others who might be interested in putting forward candidates and we wondered if you might have some ideas on potential takers.

Please find attached the advert for the internship which is now live. The project is quite flexible at this point but is focused on working closely with at least one local authority to investigate the potential barriers, costs and benefits to linking data at a local level to improve public service delivery.

<<ESRC PhD Studentship – DCLG Data Sharing Position.pdf>>
The deadline to apply is 18 October and the link for more information is

Grateful if you could please pass the details on to anyone who might be interested.  Any queries should be directed to or to Cody Xuereb, Economic Advisor, in DCLG’s Analysis and Innovation Directorate (Tel: 0303 444 1722, Email:


Good luck.