Seven links and five blogs to delve into #sevenlinks

Tom Watson MP (and Ahmed Al-Omran) blogging at the G20 conference
Tom Watson (and Ahmed Al-Omran) blogging at the G20 conference


Thank you Kate Hughes for being so kind on your blog post for the seven links blogging idea – one which encourages bloggers to talk about some of their older blog posts and share who they follow and read. I’ve also read Dan Slee’s post on the same, full of more inspiration.,

Not normally my thing but it’s good to do things differently.

So what seven links from back in my blog  do I want to share with you under the chosen categories

1 My Most Beautiful Post: Perhaps curious is a better word for Why doesn’t government have reservists. It was written  just after Christmas 2008 at the time the Labour government was pouring cash into the economy to try and see us through a recession.  The question provoked wonderful, intelligent responses in the comments section, 2 years later the post prompted an invitation to meet Nat Wei  (hello Nat) and was re-vamped for the world of big society.  It’s beauty?  Simple half finished ideas shared is one of the joys of blogging.

2 My most popular post: Which flip should I buy,  I thought it would date quickly – but I still stand by the suggestions to help social reporters be efficient and effective. Why so popular?  Probably because it answers a question lots of people are asking.

3 My Most Controversial Post: Not sure I’m really trying to be so much of that,  so possibly this dig at what I consider to be the daft idea of Local TV – encouraged by William Perrin.

4 My Most Helpful Post: The thing I seem to say most often is please keep it simple.  I hope that helps.

5 A Post Whose Success Surprised Me: This was the post when I set out plans for the first social media surgery aimed at supporting community and voluntary organisations in Birmingham.  Interestingly we were being egged on by fellow Birmingham Bloggers Group member Tom Watson who asked us what we were planning.  From this has grown this website and surgeries in more than 70 places in the uk and at least 5 other countries.  We have 400 people registered as volunteer helpers and 12oo who are receiving help. As a reminder though it was Pete Ashton who coined the phrase and the approach as a way of describing the one to one sessions he offered to potential customers.

6 A Post I Feel didn’t get the Attention it Deserved. This is a tricky category because I reckon most posts get the attention they deserve.  This one on using how conversational cities are as a measure of urban health I thought could be worth a bit more something or other.

7 The Post that I am Most Proud of: Simon Berry, Bob Geldoff, Colalife the pope and condoms was a post I wrote whilst at the  G20 conference in London – Why proud?  It was great to be invited there as a blogger (the first time bloggers had been invited to such a global summit), it was great to be in a room a few feet from Obama – but better still the most useful thing I could think of doing with that all that lovely access was to help Simon further his Colalife plans

Who I’m tagging next:

There are so many people I could add here but let me try:

John Popham for his tireless pursuit of the cause of social media surgeries.

Chris Unitt because he really does read the whole internet so we need not.

Hadley Beeman because she seems to be able to invent things and make them happen.

Dave Briggs because he’s written so much stuff this will be an impossible task and probably get on his nerves.

Steph Jennings for the joy of her finding her voice



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