Summary: Nigel Shadbolt on Open Data @nigel_shadbolt #beyond2010

Nigel Shadbolt is key to the future of open data in the uk.  Our notes…

Mentions cholera and data – John Sow discovering it was water born through mashing up info and maps.

Open data changes behaviour and mentions Govspark – which Podnosh worked on!

Mentions Lichfield, Windsor, Redditch – local authorities opening up data.

We have to do fundamental and dull work.  Open source and open licenses.

Find the open government license here.

Nigel slagging of train operators for wanting to control the timtable.  This is the kind of culture shit we need – people knwoing when the trains run is more important that making a few quid out of and app.

Mentions Asborometer.

Public data collected in pulbics name will be published

It will be timeley and quite fine grained

The data you hold may be dull and dready to you but of great interest of a few

It will be public and businesses driving new rights to data and extensions of Freedom of Information.

Worked hard on getting location data = boundaries etc.

Turns out bus stops are not where the database says they  are [open street map helps fix this ]

COINS means you begin to get a clamour for better information on whrre money is spent – some of that will come from Local Authorities. – mentions Windsor and Maidenhead.

Mentions Local Data Panel and Openlylocal. Data Guidance here.