500 people involved in Social Media Surgery – plus…..

Today the 500th person signed up to www.socialmediasurgery.com.

She is Anne Elliot, who’s planning to go along to the Leeds Social Media Surgery on October 7th because she’s hoping to start work with a social enterprise in October.

That’s 500 people  since the site was first sort of functioning in private beta in April of this year,  although most of you have joined in since we went more public in July.

Of those 500, 178 of you have registered as surgeons – the people who are there to help.  And of those,  33 people are surgery managers, the people who take responsibility for finding venues, choosing dates and keeping people happy at these informal but potent events.

Between you, you have set up social media surgeries in 38 different towns cities or neighbourhoods in 5 different countries (plus some others coming).  You’ve run or set up 76 different events.

The site also allows people to capture who has helped who learn what and add links for sites created during the surgeries.  I’d love to encourage more people to make use of that, because then it will be easier to record the effectiveness of the surgeries.

Great work from all of you and some fine work from Josh Hart on the coding. We have a bunch of improvements heading your way.