How to solve a problem like a student union

How can student unions use social media to help what they do?


This is the question those who run student unions up and down the country have gathered at Fazeley Studios, Birmingham to discuss.

General managers, marketing officers, heads of communications, events coordinators and web developers have gathered to put their heads together with a couple of social media experts in the form of Nick Booth from Podnosh and Jon Bounds.

The two-day conference began with delegates voicing the points and problems which they want to discuss and talk about solving some of these issues using social media.

Some suggestions posted at the beginning of the session
Some suggestions posted at the beginning of the session

Some of the problems were:

  • Getting students to tell us what they want their student union to look like
  • Drawing out students’ stories
  • Knowing which social media to use for certain situations
  • How to do more with less resources
  • Getting the message across about what we do
  • How can we keep our finger on the pulse
  • How can we increase our membership using social media?
  • How can we continue to engage using social media with students bored with Facebook?