A quick link about Help Me Investigate, collaboration and journalism

  • Journalism.co.uk :: Help Me Investigate: How working collaboratively can benefit journalists – Birmingham Post reporter Tom Scotney reflects on the first story he wrote as a result of working with Help Me Investigate (I’m one of three people behind the site): “what’s most important when working like this is to recognise that you’re part of a process, not the end result of it. Which means giving credit where it’s due, getting the facts right, and making clear in the article the process by which it was created. All the sort of things that ought to be standard practice for a reporter anyway, but are more crucial then ever when using a source like this. And the risks are higher – get things wrong and you not only look stupid, but also like you’re stealing the work of others. So there’s no room for complacency – but get it right and you’re becoming part of an investigative team that’s bigger, more diverse and more skilled than any newsroom could ever be.”