Stuff I've seen from July 22nd to July 25th

These are my links for July 22nd through July 25th:

  • Message in-a-Box – Do you want to use multimedia, online or offline tools to advance your cause? Creatively and effectively? To reach the broadest possible audience?
  • Helen Milner: Digital Britain sees digital inclusion emerging from the chrysalis – Helen writes: “From my point of view the evidence is clear, and it’s the link between social and digital inclusion which remains most concerning and most urgent. Those already at a disadvantage are up to seven times more likely to be digitally excluded.”
  • Jackie Hai | Convergence Commons – “There’s a simple reason why no iTunes for the news exists yet: it’s because the journalism industry has thus far failed to produce any songs worth buying. For that matter, the journalism industry has produced very few songs at all — the staggering majority of stuff being circulated today is commodity news, contextless updates with no replay value after being consumed once” via @paulbradshaw
  • ASH-10 » Echoworking – Pete Ashton on the new Moseley exchange Co-working (Cow Orking) space in Birmingham. My view is that it’s utterly brilliant that one of our neighbourhoods has such a fantastic thing for small businesses and creative types.