Stuff I’ve seen May 31st and June 1st

These are my links for May 31st and a bit of  June 1st:

  • Reselect Democracy – “We will double the membership of the local party that we support – but only if they will let us re-select our candidate.”
  • Philip Morton » Archive » The state of subtitling in online media – 7.5 million people in the UK, or about 13% of the population, have some form of hearing impairment which may reduce their ability to enjoy video content.
  • Cui bono? The problem with opening up data at Helpful Technology – open data needs a new breed of data gardeners – not necessarily civil servants, but people who know data, what it means and how to use it, and have a role like the editors of Wikipedia or the mods of a busy forum in keeping it clean and useful for the rest of us.