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David Barrie writes this wonderful post about alternative US Midwestern culture, social media, government and social inclusion.

A Call to Farms is one of the best books I’ve read so far this year. It’s a series of essays linked to a journey that a group of people took in 2008 through Illinois and Wisconsin in search of the Radical Midwest: places, people, community groups, artists, social activists who offer alternatives to “business as usual” in the land of corn and greed. (You’ll find the project blog here; and the Midwest Draft Flickr pool here.”

Is Local Always Better? asks Rob Greenland, as he considers the Conservative’s new take on Local Government:

“If a decision is taken in a way that makes it difficult for you to have a meaningful involvement, it doesn’t matter whether that decision is taken 2 miles or 200 miles from your house.  I think a more fundamental rethink of how we make decisions about local priorities is required.   I don’t have the solution, but a celebrity mayor and a few more bureaucrats moving in down the road won’t solve things on their own.”

My earlier quick thinking was the proposals are not local enough.

Google Doodle

Doodle for Google: Above Dan Rowe’s take on his community in Cornwall:

G: A surfer on a wave. O: The cornish flag. O: An ice cream. G: King Arthur’s sword in the stone. L: A cornish tin mine chimney. E: A man eating a traditional cornish pasty”

Hat tip Steel&Stevens and Lauren.

Watch this (courtesy of Paul Canning)


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