Designers needed to help ColaLife turn this crate into a thing of life saving beauty

Coca-Cola crate by S1m0nB3rry.

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Dimensions are 36cm in height, 42cm in length and 32cm in width. Can you help find a way to use this crate?

And let’s imagine all the answers we will have to come up with. Like
“How are we going to incorporate non-Coke items in Coca-Cola crates?”

Questions like this spark other questions like “What are the
dimensions of the Coca-Cola crates and bottles used in east Africa?”
and so on.

Can anyone with thoughts, answers or more questions please post them here by commenting? Click here and scroll down.

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Update:  I’ve also just e-mailed the product design course at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, part of Birmingham City University.  Worth a try! If any of the students pick up on this let me know, I’ll happily praise them to the skies, as I’m sure will others.