Of All the People in All the World finally comes to brum.

One of Birmingham’s greatest recent cultural exports has finally found a venue in Birmingham. Birmingham based Stan’s Cafe describe their enormous show over on their site:

As you approach this former metalworking factory you will be given a grain of rice. This grain is you. Inside lots of people are waiting for you, billions of them, each represented by a grain of rice. 112 tonnes of rice – 6.7 billion grains – one for everyone on the planet.

As you explore the extraordinary landscape of rice hills and mountains stretching out in front of you, you discover every pile represents a different population and that together these piles tell hundreds of stories, stories of the world’s people and politics, history and current affairs.

This breathtaking show has amazed adults and children alike, from Los Angeles to Melbourne, Madrid to New York City and now it is coming home. Shocking, up-lifting, thought provoking and funny, Of All the People In All The World will change the way you think about the planet we share. Come and find yourself.

So from the 13th September to the 5th October you can visit this astonishing performance for the modest fee of £2.50 at Birmingham’s AE Harris Factory, B3 1SZ.


Before then you can add a statistic to the performance – just think of one grain of rice represents one person and give them your numbers here.