Jazz is Gangster: Soweto Kinch as Active Citizen.

A Clare Edwards tweet alerted me to the video above which is promoting Soweto Kinch‘s Flyover Show (May 31st underneath the Hockley Flyover in Birmingham (and its free). The fact that this is happening is proof of Soweto’s credentials as an active citizen – one of those leaders who’s persistence makes sure a vision comes together. In this case he’s using music and the space under the flyover (and border between gang territories?) to bring together a community.

He talked about his frustration with trying to make unique things happen in his neighbourhood when I interviewed him on the Grassroots Channel from his home overlooking the flyover. (click here for the mp3 or scroll down to listen)

That was in October 2006 – nearly two years later he’s finally got there and I suspect this will be a great event.

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