Sneeze Feed

Not Pete but a fine pic from fernyfern n Flickr.  Thankyou

Since July 2007 my friend Pete Fletcher has been keeping a record of each of his sneezes but waited until today to tell me:

He offers these thoughts for anyone else embarking on a counting project:

When choosing something to count, it is important to realize that some things work better than othersc. Sneezes work, but other candidates for counting are demonstrably less rewarding. For example “saying the word fish”, or “cleaning my teeth” are countable, but can be produced almost at will, and so lack much of the joy of incremental documentation. (As well as my delight at the times I’ve sneezed while updating Sneezecount either online or the notebook, thereby generating recursive Sneezecount references.)

Bless you Pete.

Pic courtesy of fernyfern (not Pete by the way)