Another Monday so More Monday Mentions.

Welcome back to my surprisingly irregular smattering of random links called Monday Mentions.


Ofcom on social network users in the UK (hat tip):

  • Alpha Socialisers – mostly male and under the age of 25. They use the sites in short bursts to flirt and meet new people
  • Attention Seekers – mostly female of all ages, who crave attention and comments from others, often by posting photos
  • Followers – males and females of all ages who join sites to keep in touch with friends and family
  • Faithfuls – older males and females generally aged over 20, who typically use social networking sites to get into contact with old friends
  • Functionals – mostly older males who prefer to use social networking sites in order to pursue specific interests


Matthew Taylor of the RSA chewing through multiple personalities.

John Craig of the Innovation Exchange wants a competition between ideas, not institutions. Gawd that would help in this city! (hat tip). Perhaps it would encourage Birmingham free Wi-Fi

WTF is Brum? created by Pete Ashton on tumblr.

Digital is Dangerous coming to Brum, spotted on Fade and in Jibbering Records.

Blogging policy for non-profits (or anyone)
Om Malik thinks Pageflakes is slipping down the toobs.

The sensitive cycling jacket.

Robin Hammans poll on what do you check first is worth 10 seconds.

Community Empowerment Networks losing funding nationally. Birmingham’s CEN closed last year as the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund came to an end – according to The Stirrer with no useful measure of its (the NRF) impact in Birmingham.

What have I missed?

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