Monday Mentions. April 7th 2008

A week of links is a long time, but I’m behind by four whole weeks. There were about 60 outstanding, but they’ve settled down to this lot. I’m rather old fashioned in doing this manually

Richard Sambrook on the 4 types of citizen journalism and also tells us that ‘control doesn’t scale’. I’m still (happily) thinking about that.
Charlie Beckett on the maturing revolution in journalism: “mainstream and citizen media are increasingly mixing and working together”
Tom Scotney is turned off.

David Price teaches me the term “lightweight web”. Thanks!

Other Media:
Nesta encourages film to go digital (with £££).
Potentially juicy job at ScreenWM (closes 24 April 2008)
If Charles Dunstone is king does that make the BPI Cnuts?
Services not sites.
Generosity and shutting up.
Cory on 17 ways to lure bloggers.
The Observer on the fact that the web isn’t fat enough. This bit boggled me noddle:

An ‘exabyte’ is 1.074 billion gigabytes. Two exabytes equal the total volume of information generated in 1999. The internet currently handles one exabyte of data every hour.

Dubber – ‘…cos every little thing is gonna be alright’.
Charlotte on why mums currently socially network online not off.
Aeioux on enterprise.

Streetsize -social networking for your neighbourhood.
Upside down
The big picture but littler.<!–

The School of Everything gets more. Yay.

Russell Davies no T.

Other stuff:
Charlotte Green made me laugh.
Blimey and coo and thank you.