Birmingham Bloggers I think we have a target:

Dave Harte - picture from aeioux on Flickr

For at least 3 years now Dave Harte from Digital Central has been supporting the digital media industry in Brum. Now it’s time to return the favour.

Dave is running the London Marathon next week. He’s been long on training but short on fundraising. Last year he raised £495 for St Mary’s Hospice in 3 months. Now he needs your help to repeat that trick but in 6 days. Why the Hospice…

They deal with those people who are coming to the end of their life and work hard to make those lives and the lives of the people around them a tiny bit more bearable. I’ve not had close dealings with them but I see their building on virtually every training run I do and as I’ve said before I feel a certain elation when I do as it represents the end of a climb and only a mile and a half to home.Have a read of their website to see the full scope of what they do but I think they’re worth the money. So let’s see how we get on. 7 days and counting. Updates on here and on Twitter.

Dave’s job is to run 26 and a bit miles. Ours is to raise £495 before he does his bit. I know which I think is easier! You can donate online here or using this widget (which sometimes doesn’t work) – which of course can also live on your blog.