B:cen launches Youtube Channel.

Three films which set out how diversity networks are supporting active citizens in Birmingham are the launch videos for the Youtube Channel for the Birmingham Community Empowerment Network. The diversity networks were the subject of quite a strong appeal from the Bishop of Birmingham – who argued on the Grassroots Channel that they should be supported, not allowed to wither.

B:cen (which has employed me on a freelance basis for a good three years) will lose all of it’s funding from November this year, and is now campaigning to try and persuade Birmingham City Council and the Birmingham Strategic Partnership to continue to support the networks (not b:cen as a body) established in neighbourhoods in the city and by groups of shared interest across the city.

Back to the videos, made by another local community film maker Rachel Smith with interviews by Paul Slatter. One is about the Podminions podcast channel which I share purely because I agree with everything they say (and vanity)…

but I think my favourite happens to be Mark on the Disability Network – ‘cos he’s always made compelling arguments for networks as a tool for strengthening communities…

If you want to keep tabs on more films as they are put up, go to the channel page and use the subscribe button to stay up to date.

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