Davos – a few links.

As you probably know a theme of this week’s meeting will be web 2.0 and how it contributes to shifting power relationships. Keep tabs in a number of places including:

BBC: Richard Sambrook and others.

WE Forum Homepage

Davos Conversation

Commondreams usually as an alternative take

Speakers will include Bill Gates, Tony Blair, King Abdullah of Jordan, Angela Merkel, Joe Biden, Rupert Murdoch, Eric Schmidt, Hua Jianmin, John McCain, Mohammed El Baradei, Sergy Brin, Gordon Brown. Apparently Bono will also be there!

The Huffington Post is helping produce Davos conversations and is inviting us all to post our video questions to youtube using the tag davos07.

In the meantime anyone want to step up and have a stab at running their country?

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