Blair, Blears and Bollards

Programme 15 turns out to be a curious mixture of Blair, Blears and Bollards. This time we handed over the microphone to a school and a youth group. Find out what they make of a government.

Programme 15 also contains an interview with Hazel Blears as part of the first podcast from the podminions channel. The podminions channel is a podcast setup with the help of podnosh and b:cen so that students at Kings Norton Boys’ School had a new medium to tell stories of what went on around their school and report on matters in a way that mattered to them.

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Chestnuts Neighbourhood Forum (dead link)
Birmingham Association of Neighbourhood forums (dead link)
Kings Norton Boys School
Hazel Blears (dead link)
Togetherwecan Website (dead link)
The new Department for Communities & Local Government – on the old ODPM website! (dead link)