Author: Gavin Wray

Training and Production Coordinator at Podnosh in Birmingham, UK.

500 social media surgery events and going strong

2 women with laptop at Low Hill Social Media Surgery 11th October 2012

It was the fourth anniversary of the first social media surgery last month.

Looking at the stats in – which we started in 2010 to help people administer their own surgeries as the movement spread across England and abroad – there have been more than 500 events.

500 events is a great milestone and testament to the hard work volunteers have put into the social media surgery movement over the last four years. That’s why I’m posting this now.

While I’m here, some more numbers from the website:

  • 122 social media surgeries started
  • 502 events held (or booked in for the coming months)
  • 3,122 people have booked 4,152 appointments between them
  • 112 people have run a surgery

Photo: Low Hill Social Media Surgery courtesy of Wolverhampton Homes.

7 principles for digital mentors

Low Hill Social Media Surgery 11th October 2012

Last week I worked with VCS Learning Solutions in Manchester to train a group of people who are, or will shortly be, running social media surgeries in different areas of north west England.

A slide I showed describes seven principles for digital mentors, originally created by Stuart Parker. The principles aren’t online now, so I’ve reposted them here with Stuart’s permission.

These principles closely match the skills and qualities required of a social media surgery manager, in my view, and I hope you find them useful.

Attentive: Listen up and listen well. Understand needs, fears and desires.

Impartial: While you may be a fervent believer in a service or platform, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be right for others.

Social: Bow down to the network. Your fellow mentors are the key to achieving digital mentor nirvana.

Friendly: Confidence won’t improve with negative vibes.

Passionate: Believe in the positive changes technology can bring to everyone’s lives.

Lifelong: Understand that this is lifelong learning for everyone, Digital Mentors included.

Innovative: Recognise new and developing technologies and how they can be of benefit to everyone.

Photo: Low Hill Social Media Surgery courtesy of Wolverhampton Homes.

Video: what does it mean to be a Brummie?

Birmingham Leadership Foundation hosted a debate asking “what does it mean to be a Brummie?” at their third Monday Masterclass at the end of August in Handsworth. I shared my notes from the debate last month. This video by Punk Zebra gives you a great flavour of the debate and the passion that young people have for the city.

The masterclasses are a mix of inspiring talks from young leaders and entrepreneurs, together with a social media surgery run by Podnosh.

The debate was part of the MyBrum consultation, led by Councillor Waseem Zaffar  for Birmingham City Council’s new social cohesion and community safety scrutiny committee.