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We change the way the public and the public sector talk to each other.

In this way we help to change neighbourhoods, organisations and attitudes. We deliberately work with individual citizens, organisations in the middle – like local authorities, housing associations and charities – and at the top of central government.

Hutton Hall Community Centre in Washwood Heath Neighbourhoods, consultation and hyperlocal media

We’ve been using social media to make neighbourhoods better connected since 2005. We can:

Podnosh advising Wolverhampton Homes during an internal training session Social media strategy and advice

We’ve helped several organisations to plan effective (and cost effective) ways to use social media to meet their goals.

We help with social media strategy, social media policy and social media guidelines.

Wherever possible we tap into internal skills and knowledge, growing expertise and confidence in your organisation. We have a track record of energising organisations around the possibilities of social media.

Bespoke systems capture achievements and outcomes and report them in web dashboards Measuring soft things

We make no apologies for loathing bureaucracy. From our experience developing and supporting numerous social media surgeries we’ve learnt a lot about capturing soft outcomes and measuring impact of the work people do in communities.

We now build bespoke systems to help you do the same.


Closeup of Flip video camera Media making and social reporting

With a background in mainstream media making for the BBC we can do this in many ways. We can make DVDs or capture the essence of a place or event using social media, audio and video, sharing online immediately.

We also have a deep understanding of how media making helps you build stronger networks and can help make things happen.

Dot and Handsome work together at Low Hill Social Media Surgery Social media surgeries

We started surgeries to support the community and voluntary sector in October 2008 and often run them as part of our work. Whether you want to use a social media surgery to skill up a neighbourhood or community, we can run surgeries on your behalf or act as a catalyst to start one up.

We’ve also developed tools to measure how effective surgeries are and let you join the conversation emerging from surgeries.

Birmingham Settlement recieving Social reporter training Training and tools

Whatever you need to learn about making the most of social media – we can help. We don’t just explain how different tools work and why they might help you. We encourage you to avoid information overload, and use those tools that make most sense and make your work easier.

We also encourage you to think about content – making interesting content that people will care about.


Public speaking

Nick Booth is often asked to speak at conferences and events in the UK and internationally.

Open data

We’ve worked with central and local government since 2008 on how to make open data more useful to active citizens and community groups.

Build websites

Yes, we build websites too – but always as part of a wider plan to use social media. We’ll also write content to get you started.

We’ve worked with

  • BBC
  • Birmingham Link - Make it Happen
  • Department for Communities and Local Government
  • Birmingham City Council
  • Orbit Group
  • Midland Heart


What people said

“Podnosh are huge fun to work with. If you get the chance, grab it.”

Kate Cooper, New Optimists Forum

“The training was just fantastic (and this from someone with very high expectations). I couldn’t recommend Podnosh more highly.”

Lorna Prescott, Dudley CVS and Chair of Community Development Exchange

“Nick is not only deeply knowledgeable about social media but he is an expert communicator who inspires, enthuses and compels people to act.”

Kate Hughes, Marketing and Communications Manager, OGL Housing