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Social Media Surgery Plus

A social media surgery is an informal gathering where people who know what they’re doing share skills. Surgeries are relaxed. They’re hands on. They’re fun.

You sit alongside someone who understands good ways to use the internet and they show you useful free tools. Within 90 minutes a complete beginner could be ready to blog, tweet, or use other social media tools to get connected and get their voice heard.

Social media surgeries are a simple and powerful way to show community groups, active citizens and voluntary organisations how to use the internet to connect, collaborate and communicate. They help develop vibrant civic conversations and create social capital in neighbourhoods.

How we can help you

From giving you the skills to organise your own social media surgery, to running the whole process – choose what suits your organisation and your budget.
Many of our existing residents groups came along, learnt how to comment on and find my blog and then had a go at blogging and using social media tools themselves. The more we blog about Handsworth the more we raise the profile and allow the rest of the world to see the wonderful spirit of the people here.
Tracey Thorne, Handsworth Neighbourhood Manager


We can show you how to run your own social media surgeries and share the valuable lessons we’ve learned since we started them in 2008.


Kick start

We can act as a catalyst in your communities, encouraging local volunteers to help run surgeries.


Complete package

We can plan, organise and staff surgeries for you.


Keep count

Use socialmediasurgery.com to organise and monitor surgeries. This paid for service allows you to run any number of surgeries in different neighbourhoods, track the conversations they generate and join them.



As the conversation grows, fostered by the surgeries, we can help you make the best use of new connections, and new ways of communicating and consulting.