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Our first use of wordpress – at the Moseley and Kings Heath Social media Surgery

Posted on 15th April 2014 by

Moseley Dovecote

I am Allister Marshall from Moseley in Bloom just experiencing social media for the first time.  Fiona here too from the Moseley Society, planning our spring clean at the dovecote on Easter Sunday morning – for a spider’s egg hunt.


Erdington Social Media Surgery: A volunteer helping a volunteer learn from a volunteer…..

Posted on 16th May 2013 by

Rinkoo Barpaga at Erdington Social Media Surgery

This is Rinkoo Barpaga, Rinkoo attended the Erdington Social Media Surgery this afternoon for some help telling the story of a project he’s involved with.

In 2 weeks time he’ll be flying to the states to take part in a series of workshops and training sessions with deaf community groups, theatre groups and comedians to learn how they approach putting on events for the deaf community over there hoping to bring the knowledge back to the UK to make things happen over here.

Not photographed is Rinkoo’s interpreter (who politely declined to be in front of the camera) a volunteer who had come along to act as a sign interpreter so that Rinkoo could sit and learn with me as Rinkoo himself is deaf.

It was a productive session which as always was adapted to best suit the person learning but in this instance involved a 3 way conversation and a lot of pointing but  there was something really lovely about how it came together, a volunteer helping a volunteer come and learn from, had it been someone else other than me teaching him, another volunteer.


Community Lovers Tour of Birmingham: Nick Booth – Social Media Surgeries

Posted on 30th April 2013 by

The third and final stop with our guests was at the Central Birmingham Social Media Surgery.

The surgery was in full swing by the time they arrived so Nick took them out onto the terrace to tell them about how the Social Media Surgery Movement started while I got on with managing the surgery…

Community Lovers Tour Of Birmingham

Community Lovers Tour Of Birmingham

Central Birmingham Social Media Surgery

Central Birmingham Social Media Surgery

You can read Nick’s chapter in the Community Lovers Guide about it here: