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Things I've spotted February 23rd from 16:39 to 23:38

Posted on 24th February 2010 by

Here are some of the things I’ve been reading February 23rd from 16:39 to 23:38:

Things I've spotted on August 8th

Posted on 8th August 2009 by

Here are some of the things I’ve been reading August 8th from 12:43 to 13:15:

Stuff I've seen May 12th to May 14th

Posted on 14th May 2009 by

Stuff I've seen April 5th through April 6th

Posted on 8th April 2009 by

These are my links for April 5th through April 6th:

  • gets a redesign. – Need I say more!
  • Government Needs Smart-sourcing, Not Crowdsourcing | techPresident – Clay Shirky, while in London last month promoting the release of Here Comes Everybody in paperback, said the following: “All the rhetoric, including – I’m embarrassed to say – some of mine, has assumed in the past that democratic legitimation is itself enough to regard aggregate public opinion [online] as being clearly binding on the government. I’ve changed my mind.”
  • G20: Tom Watson MP – Watch the short youtube film from Lloyd davis where Tom Watson explains why the G20 matters and why it’s important that bloggers were given access to the conference.