Our first use of wordpress – at the Moseley and Kings Heath Social media Surgery

Posted on 15th April 2014 by

Moseley Dovecote

I am Allister Marshall from Moseley in Bloom just experiencing social media for the first time.  Fiona here too from the Moseley Society, planning our spring clean at the dovecote on Easter Sunday morning – for a spider’s egg hunt.


Being there and being sincere – the “secrets” to using social media to build real relationships

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This video is well worth the time – especially if you’re tempted to pay for facebook ads to boost likes.  I’ve done that once – but maybe not again.

Horsemeat: The Elliot Review comes to Birmingham

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A brilliant bunch of brummie brains got together today to share their experience with Chris Elliott – the prof who’s investigating food safety for the government following the horsemeat scandal. We worked with them through the New Optimists – to capture their thinking. See what they said and thought here.  The hashtag is #brumelliott where’ you should find loads of fab tweets

  • Birmingham as the city with the safest food?
  • Birmingham as the centre of how we keep all our food safe?

All possible if we work out how to close the gaps which make food crime possible – at least Chris Elliot thinks so

he said it was the most interesting of 200 meetings he’d held (there were about 50 folk there at this one!) and added:

It was also fab to hear from a Birmingham business  – Handmade Burger Co – on how they have the pride and passion to make sure they’re not victims of food crime:

And Beckett’s Farm on what the horsemeat scandal meant to them

Thoughts and more videos from the day on this link http://bit.ly/QGgUDI