How to link to Paypal using the Facebook Donate Now button

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Adding a Paypal donate button to your Facebook page has never been easy – and as Facebook has changed over the years it’s become impossible without adding third party apps and that’s only of you know where to start looking.

Thankfully with the role out of the integrated Donate Now button to non profit facebook pages there is now a fairly simple way off taking Paypal donations via your page and we’ve even put together a quick guide to help you.

Before you start though, if you want to use Paypal to collect donations you need to have an account set up just for that so that you don’t fall foul of their charges, information can be found on their site.

How to add Paypal to your Donate Now Facebook button.

Search Paypal for the “Donate Button” page, or alternately click this link here, it will take you directly to the page you need.

Log in with details of the account that will be receiving the donation.

NB: It is important that this account is set up for your organisation, using a public email address as this will be visible on the donate page.

You will then see the following screen;

add paypal to facebook donatebdutton

Work your way through the following settings: (more…)

How to use the new Facebook “Donate” button for your Charity in the UK

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In 2013 Facebook rolled out a “Donate” button  limited to specific charity partners.

Now Facebook has made it possible for all charities to add a  Donate Button on their facebook page (if you’re still using a profile or a group for your organisation’s main Facebook activity this won’t work for you).


We’ll talk you through how by using a local Birmingham Charity – the fantastic Birmingham Conservation Trust with the their Coffin Works – as an example.   (Transparency – Nick Booth used to be a trustee of BCT)

The donate now feature works through the pages call to action button, but the donate option is only available to pages that are set up as non profits. So to begin check what you have your page set up as.

Log into facebook and visit the page you want to set up a  “donate now” button for. You must be an admin of the page to have access to this.

Underneath the page title it will tell you what your page is set up as, in the case of Birmingham Conservation Trust (in the example below) they are already registered as a Non-profit – but if you’re not it’s easy to change.


Go to your pages about section: (more…)

Useful things from the NCVO annual conference Evolve 2015

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We’ve been spending the time providing a social media surgery at #evolve2015 –  we get to charities and voluntary organisations use social media and open data bit better and in return meet fab people and learn good stuff.  Here are some of the things I found through wandering and conversations… that interest me…

Circle  Central.   My unstoppable mum is involved in a wellbeing group of “older” women where she lives. They meet up and organise to do things to keep all of them moving, involved, interested/active.  This http://www.circlecentral.com/  is a sort of paid for approach to the same thing.  Not quite caught fire but interesting none the less.  For a working example go here: http://rochdalecircle.org/become_a_helper.php


Open data can fry your brain(s).  We’ve been learning how to introduce some open data skills into the social media surgery network thanks to support from the Cabinet Office.  Frankly we’ve been keeping it simple, helping organisations use data tools or open data sets for problems they need to solve – and then sharing what we did together at www.bevocal.org and also at blog.socialmediasurgery.com.  One conversation reminded me of what we try to do at the social media surgeries – which is stay sensitive to someone’s experience, skill and tolerance.  It’s the same as not trying to force someone to drive round a three lane roundabout when so far they only managed to get into third gear in a car park.

Data Visualisation:  https://www.silk.co/   Google fusion tables, but more visual, for data visualisation

Mentoring and Befriending Foundation now part of the NCVO.

Keeping people with learning difficulties safer online –  I had a fab conversation with Tim Davies from Camp Hill Milton Keynes.   They are focussing on refining how they use social media both to promote their residential and support work and the theatre they run.  Paul Webster mentioned this from the Foundation for People with Learning disabilities  – as a resource on stayong safer online – i like it for it’s cealr visual layout.  http://www.learningdisabilities.org.uk/publications/safeonline/

It turns out that Gill from the brilliant tool @whooseshoes may have benefited from what we do…


Tips on micro-volunteering can be found here  http://knowhownonprofit.org/how-to/how-to-engage-people-into-microvolunteering.



Funding and support for young people to develop digital business or digital skills

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iDEA is a funding programme/competition to help young people develop either their digital skills or their digital business ideas, or both.  It’s supported by the Nominet Trust (a charity we’ve worked with before at Podnosh and had a fantastic experience) with the backing of the Duke of York.   They say:

Entrants will gain essential digital enterprise and entrepreneurial skills through the competition and can further develop these skills through our online library of industry endorsed badges. The three winning business ideas in the competition will be awarded £15,000 funding and accelerator support for further development. The project aims to recruit 10,000 young people into the competition in the next few weeks

Schools can get involved – and indeed are very welcome to use it as a way to develop digital skills.  If you’re eligible or curious get stuck in.

Go here to find out more:  www.onemillionyoungideas.org.uk/.

I first published this on the Birmingham Smart City site.