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Stuff I've seen October 1st through to October 5th

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These are my links for October 1st through October 5th:

  • An open letter to David Cameron, part one of three « Francesca Elston – I have worked in a large Government department, and I believe the following: firstly, that it would have been possible to take 25% of the costs out without harming the service delivery in the long term (that caveat’s important); secondly, that it might have been possible to improve the service in doing so, and thirdly that there were people within that organisation who knew exactly where the 25% lay.
  • Government data will be machine readable, Maude pledges | Politics | – Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude told the Conservative party conference in Birmingham that the Freedom of Information Act will be amended so that all data released through FoI must be in a reusable and machine readable format.
  • BBC News – The ‘night riders’ who help the NHS – The volunteer service, which is available in the south-east of England, offers a free out-of-hours service to a number of NHS hospitals and can be asked to carry anything urgently needed from baby milk to blood products and X-ray results.
  • MaPit – MaPit is our database and web service that maps postcodes and points to current or past administrative area information and polygons for all the United Kingdom.
    Another notable benefit is that this new version has been filled with only totally open data, so you can be secure that you can reuse the data from this site under the minimal terms of the licences given below.
  • BBC – dot.Rory – A 16-year-old who turned up at a hacking event a couple of months ago may just have achieved two great things. If Isabell Long’s idea works, it could make a major contribution to getting Whitehall to cut its energy use.

Stuff I've seen September 27th through to September 29th

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These are my links for September 27th through September 29th:

Stuff I've seen September 11th through to September 27th

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These are my links for September 11th through September 27th:

  • Government Should Do its Own Data Homework | Jeni’s Musings – "….we need to work towards a virtuous cycle in which the public sector is rewarded for publishing useful data well. The reward may come from financial savings, from increasing data quality, from better delivery of its remit, or simply from kudos. It doesn’t matter how, but there needs to be some reward, or it just won’t happen."
  • editorialgirl » Ah, Bridezilla… we’ve been expecting you – Government and e-mail: ! The assistant was apparently a bit flummoxed, saying, “well, you could email it, but there isn’t much point – I wouldn’t get it til tomorrow anyway”. Why was that, then? It wasn’t even mid afternoon. Had they got problems with their email? “No,” she explained, “all the emails are read at 9 o’clock in the morning, then they’re all printed out and we each get a copy on our desks. So if you email me now, I won’t get it until tomorrow.” He was baffled. Couldn’t she just access her email now? “No, it’s not my email,” she said. “It’s the office email. Only one person has access to it, and she only looks at it at 9 o’clock each morning.” Whu… why? “That’s just the way we do things.” Well, that’s silly, he told her. “Well, it works for us,” she replied. Bonkers."
  • Rewired State – For the first quarter the challenges available are likely to be (but we don’t know for sure yet):

    * Building a framework to enable localised civil action (Big Society)
    * Using digital channels to get people online; building network of digital champions and apps to help get people online (Race Online)

  • The arts make a contribution to the Big Society in Yorkshire | Arts Council – 'If public funding of the arts is cut too hard, the contribution the sector makes to the Big Society may be in real jeopardy.
  • Local council spending over £500: full list of who has published what so far | News | – UPDATE, 5:05pm: Government has just published its guidance for local authorities. See the guidance here

Stuff I've seen September 2nd through to September 7th

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These are my links for September 2nd through September 7th:

  • Investing in Social Growth: Can the Big Society be more than a slogan? (September 2010) | The Young Foundation – The report warns of the gap between the ambition of the Big Society and the modest proposals currently associated with it, and of the risk that cuts will fall most heavily on innovative social enterprises and small grassroots organisations rather than big public or private ones
  • What’s beautiful to you? | Community Spaces – A photography competition is being run by Dezeen, the online architectural and design magazine and The Photographers’ Gallery to find ‘Areas of Outstanding Urban Beauty’.

    The idea behind the competition is to find out what people love about the places where they live.

  • Global Voices in English » Russia: Online Cooperation as an Alternative for Government? – The story of how bloggers organised to fight wildfires…. "Yesterday we went to Kulebaki to bring them everything they needed – firefighting equipment, food, protective devices that were purchased with the bloggers' money. Our mission to the “hot spot” was organized by i_cherski, who, as you know, is filling in voluntarily for our temporarily incompetent leadership of the Ministry of Emergency Situations."
  • The organisers are coming : RSA Projects – "How much harder will the Big Society organisers find it to engage and motivate communities if, unlike Obama, they are seen as part of the establishment and therefore somehow associated with the very problems they are trying to solve?"
  • KnightBlog » Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown Joins World Wide Web Foundation’s Board of Directors – "The World Wide Web Foundation (Web Foundation) today announced that it appointed former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to serve on its Board of Directors. Throughout the world, the Web Foundation leads programs that empower people to use the Web to nurture local economies and improve access to education and information. As a Board member, Brown will primarily advise Web Foundation on ways to involve African communities and leaders in the development of sustainable programs that connect humanity and affect positive change."