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  1. […] Hat-tip: Podnosh ] ← 20 photos of Stoke-on-Trent’s new sixth-form […]

  2. New Book « says:

    […] new book Hand Made. You can buy your own copy here and read a review by one of the contributors Nick Booth. My contribution tells the story of the founding of the Low Carbon Communities Network. Although I […]

  3. laura horniblow says:

    Wow this looks interesting!

  4. […] Britton’s book ‘Hand Made’ has more than a dozen stories of grassroots projects and is very […]

  5. […] Channel – capturing the stories of active citizens. In many ways (inspired by another book called Hand Made)  about militant optimism,  about people doing things because they care, sometimes against the […]

  6. […] Nick started the proceedings thanking everyone and introducing Tessy Britton , as really she is the inspiration for the Community Lovers Guide series after she put together Hand Made. […]